Journal - Sports Day!

It was my school's Sports Day yesterday. I didn't run for anything this year, because at that time I thought I didn't have the stamina to. Instead, I went for stuff like... first aiding? Marching? Yeah, those stuff.

It intrigues me, to think that it was the first time I actually treated casualties proudly in my Red Crescent uniform. Many participants had cramps and sprains. Some fainted, and some got serious injuries from falling. Haizz... when was there a sports event where someone doesn't get injured? I'm not jinxing though! As for marching, it felt really good! (Getting tanned under the sun, yeah.) Although we didn't get any placing for the marching competition, I still had fun burning my face and sweating rivers with my fellow squad mates, my Red Crescent family.

Sigh.. I've also been quite occupied lately because big exams are coming near, and there's this History assignment of mine that I have to pass up some time. So I haven't been able to properly commit myself to study any language, really. Although I do revise vocabulary time to time, which saves me from getting my skills rusted.

I'm still moving on! Wish me luck!


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