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Journal - Sports Day!

It was my school's Sports Day yesterday. I didn't run for anything this year, because at that time I thought I didn't have the stamina to. Instead, I went for stuff like... first aiding? Marching? Yeah, those stuff.

It intrigues me, to think that it was the first time I actually treated casualties proudly in my Red Crescent uniform. Many participants had cramps and sprains. Some fainted, and some got serious injuries from falling. Haizz... when was there a sports event where someone doesn't get injured? I'm not jinxing though! As for marching, it felt really good! (Getting tanned under the sun, yeah.) Although we didn't get any placing for the marching competition, I still had fun burning my face and sweating rivers with my fellow squad mates, my Red Crescent family.

Sigh.. I've also been quite occupied lately because big exams are coming near, and there's this History assignment of mine that I have to pass up some time. So I haven't been able to pr…

Journal - The Annual APC

Just went through my school's Hari Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang (APC). It's a ceremony for students who achieved excellent results in their examinations in the past year. I just happen to get the highest grade for German, so I was present during the ceremony.

The performances were great! The syair recitation was simply beautiful and pleasant to hear, while the choral speaking was full of enthusiasm. Although, I must say that the 'mini orchestra' could've done better... I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do considering the circumstances at that time. They tried their best, and that's what's important.
It was such an honor for me to get a certificate about my excellence in the German subject. But since I'm aiming for amazing things in the future, my other grades should be amazing as well. I'll work hard and improve to achieve excellence in my studies—for my parents, my school, my future... and myself!

Is Learning Multiple Languages Hard?

A man once told me, "JUST DO IT."

What a pleasant way to start this post. You're welcome. Now to the topic...
     Story time! Ever since I was 11, foreign languages has been a thing in me that keeps me going every day in my life. It's no wonder that I start picking up at least 7 languages just a few years back. At least that time. I forgot most of the things I learnt back then. Although I do remember stuff like pronunciation, reading, writing, etc. The end.
People kept asking me—how did I do it? Seemingly inspired, they have either tried before or haven't attempted to do it at all. Isn't it hard? Is it hard? Yes. No one can deny the fact that learning multiple languages is hard, like, really hard. You can't even get a good A for your native language test and now ya learnin' a language that's rarely used at your place? (okay, this is directed towards me, I'm the one who should be offended.) sad
It's possible to learn multiple languages…

Umlauts? Not a Problem - German Pronunciation

3 posts in a day... I know. They were drafts, alright? But who cares, right? Anyway-

Have you ever wondered how 'German' Germans sound when they speak German?? It's impressive, really. It gives you those chills, like "Ah, sounds so good...and hard to do," Especially when it comes to words like 'schön', 'fühl', and the likes of it.
How do they do it? How can you do it?
Umlauts Quite the challenge for people; as far as I have known. I have been asked by many about pronouncing umlaut letters.
There are three umlaut letters in the German language : 'ä', 'ö' and 'ü'. I don't wanna explain too much, so I'll just get straight to the point : when you see those two dots on the letters, you combine the original pronunciation of the letter with the eeee sound. Need a good explanation?
'ä' is definitely an easy one, basically like the 'a' in 'ale' (a.k.a the 'a' you know). But what about 'ö&#…

No Rush! - Learn Kanji Words Effectively

"I'll learn 2000+ 漢字 in 6 months!"
...Okep. Goodluck then.

"Ahh so stressful!!"
It is lol.

"Darn. I didn't think it was this tough. I might as well give up."

A conversation I had with a friend some time ago. Seriously. 'Learning 2000+ 漢字' in that period of time : wOAH. Some goals, my mate. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out. Hm. But pretty ballsy, isn't it? I mean, just 100 of 'em can already make me feel intimidated.

When you start learning Japanese, what are the first things you would want to learn and master? Radicals, 'cause you found out how useful it is to know about it. Then stroke order, which takes some time to get used to. On' and kun' readings that really mess you up. Definitions and that vary so much. Or maybe—memorizing each individual 漢字. One. By. One.


Wanna know what I did?
A little something I find helpful :
You Read, Search, Use & Repeat! "You'Re SURe?" Definitely. I&#…

Nice to Meet you! A Simple 自己紹介

Well, the title says it all. Ehm..

Hey there! Welcome to Jagaimo-chan's Difficult LIFE!.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Maya Cold (not my real name, but close). I'm 15 and I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have 12 siblings and I am the third child. I'm a Form 3 secondary school student who's passionate about music (especially piano) and languages. A proud muslim, too!

This is just an introduction post, so if you're reading this, you're either out of things to do, curious,  or just happen too see this post somewhere. But anyway,

If you're not sure about what stuff I post here, you can head over to my About page. I have it all explained there. (Seriously, I'm actually just lazy to list them here. Don't mind me.)

Ooother than that, there's nothing much to say here really. I don't have anything to show...but this 自己紹介 in Japanese. Please enjoy! (If there are any mistakes, please let me know in the comments below.) You can also a…