Is Learning Multiple Languages Hard?

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     Story time! Ever since I was 11, foreign languages has been a thing in me that keeps me going every day in my life. It's no wonder that I start picking up at least 7 languages just a few years back. At least that time. I forgot most of the things I learnt back then. Although I do remember stuff like pronunciation, reading, writing, etc. The end.

People kept asking me—how did I do it? Seemingly inspired, they have either tried before or haven't attempted to do it at all. Isn't it hard? Is it hard? Yes. No one can deny the fact that learning multiple languages is hard, like, really hard. You can't even get a good A for your native language test and now ya learnin' a language that's rarely used at your place? (okay, this is directed towards me, I'm the one who should be offended.) sad

It's possible to learn multiple languages, but the difficulty just depends on your mentality towards it. Maybe the way you've been learning. Maybe you're moody at that moment. All those things play a big role in learning languages. You obviously can't force stuff into you're head, because eventually stuff won't stick inside of it. A waste of time, right?

Learn at your own pace! It is never wrong to take your time with learning something new, because you don't feel pressured. You don't stress yourself and think of it as a burden. That's the right mentality you should have when learning any language.

Stay motivated! It was your choice to learn those languages, and it is you who should work hard until you reach your goal. If you feel like.. you're not in the mood for it at the moment—sure, learn at you're own pace. But sometimes, you might wanna man up a bit. Bring your mood up by...reading an inspirational article, or watch your favorite polyglot's vlogs...your favorite comics? Whatever it is, just remind yourself why you're learning the language, that you are learning the language. Take a deep breath... "Alright. Let's do this," and continue your language learning journey!

Being consistent is also important. If you exercise for only that time then not exercise for God knows how long then what's the point of trying to 'stay fit'? It's just like learning languages. Treat it as some kind of fitness program if you want. When you are consistent, you improve in all aspects. Remember that!

Know why you learn certain languages and be passionate about it. You really wanna master this thing, so put all your heart and soul into learning and practicing it. Love it, and work hard for it. When you finally understand a certain language, you feel like you know a huge percentage of the universe and the things within- I mean, you feel like you've achieved something so big. Know that learning a language is worth it, no matter what.

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❝ There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.❞ — Hope Hicks
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